Stay connected with your colleagues post graduation.
Brought to you by Joe Mezzanini & John Cook


This is a simple Listserv running GNU Mailman software written in Python.

Networking is one of of the keys to success and we mean - people networking.

You may use this listserv for professional support also, such as sharing code,
trying to solve a problem at your new job, help with scripts, batch files, configurations.

Staying connected with your fellow classmates is one of the best resources
you'll ever have especially as time goes on and skill levels increase. 

The listserv is also used to discuss gadgets, software, malware intel,
auto-tech, snowmobiles, hardware, software, networking, gaming, sourcing of
cool stuff on sale and just about anything else of common interest. 

But how does it work?

You must subscribe before you can send and receive posts.
Subscribers send email to, or just reply to a message.
That message is distributed to all the other list subscribers.
If someone replies, that too is distributed to everyone on the list.
In this manner - email based discussions ensue.

To subscribe:

Open the mail program which sends mail from the address you want to subscribe.
Send an email to
Subject and body is ignored so leave blank or put anything you want

Alternatively you may subscribe or edit options here,

Any questions or issues contact me or John.

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